26 February 2011

Zara TRF Color pants lookbook

24 February 2011


Bag - H and M

Boot - Zara

Taupe pant - Zara

Blouse - Zara

Cashmere-silk cardigan - Zara

23 February 2011

Budapest - The other side 01.

A dream come true....

After long hasitating (because of the price), finally I've bought this leather beauty. And I've made the right decision: it's huge, red and made from buffalo leather. So please welcome my new bag! :)

Large leather bag - Zara


Bag - Mango
Lace up shoes - Zara
Pant - Zara
Blouse - Zara
Faux suede blazer - Zara
Necklace - gift
Rings - Apacs, from holiday

22 February 2011

My wish: Plastic bags

My current obsession: plastic bags for summer!

These are much more cheaper than a Furla or a Jil Sander plastic tote.

They're part of the new FAA Collection by H&M and only for 9 or 10 Euros. Hopefully they will be available in Hungary too.


21 February 2011


Let's colorize! My current finds:

1. Two finger ring - Six

2. Silver ring - Apacs

3. Pink pant - Zara

4. Yellow jumper - Zara

5. Blue wool jumper - Zara (SALE)

20 February 2011

A legédesebb blogger

Köszönöm Judinak (http://justlikegwen.blogspot.com/), hogy rám gondolt és nekem ajánlotta ezt a díjjat!

10 dolog amit szeretek:

1. A körömlakkokat minden mennyiségben :)2. A kastélyokat

3. A régi meséket
4. A lakberendezést

5. A féldrágakő ékszereket