29 December 2012

2012 - 12 outfits

 01. Head to toe Zara - as usual :D and the most comfottable boots ever (Björndal)

 02. Favorite Zara Studio jumper and fringed boots.

 03. Beautiful boots - Zara

 04. Pastel shades, I like this Mango jumper soo much

 05. Pastel again and again :D and this H&M necklace is one of my favorite

 06. Printed pants - Zara and 100 year old bag, also from Zara

 07. Orange silk top with studs, and i look like a flower...haha (according to my friend)

 08. Corfu-Greece, in my favorite summes wedges (Zara)

 09. The weather was awesome
 10. I still love "pajama" pants... :D

 11. New babes: studded boots and leather bag

12. Still that fringed boot...and I like this top, because it's too much....the fabric, the prints and the lace together

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